NRIs regaining confidence in Kerala real estate

The perfect time to invest in Kerala real estate plots

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) have been one of the most prominent sources of investment in the Indian market especially in Kerala for a significant amount of time.
Their investments spread across multiple avenues such as government bonds, start-ups, equities, mutual funds, real estates, banks and much more. But, the real
estate market has been a predominant source of investment for the last few years.

Why choose real estate?

luxury villa

  • We all know how the real estate market took a blow under the impact of demonetisation. Even though there was a lot of uncertainty involved, things
    gradually took a turn for the better. The Union Budget has boosted the real estate sector once again and is now considered as a top investment bet
    for the year of 2017. To cut short, the proposal has made real estate more affordable.
  • The statistics from the S&P BSE Realty Index that there is a 64 percent increased returns. Furthermore, analysts have projected approximately
    $12 billion to be the investments from NRIs for the fiscal year.
  • Ownership of land or houses is highly regarded among the citizens settled abroad. They prefer to invest in realty over the other sources due to the
    absence of policy restrictions. When it comes to investing in stocks, there are various limitations which lead to the NRIs shying away. In addition to
    these, real estate investment is thoroughly simple as they can invest in almost all kinds of real estate assets.
  • The depreciation of rupee is a major factor for the increased flow of foreign exchange. To name a few, NRIs from nations such as the UAE, the US,
    the UK, Canada, Australia are encouraged to drive their hard earned money into the Indian real estate market.


All these factors would be a boon for the Indian market and there will be a lot to gain. The real estate market is blooming in Kerala, primarily in Kochi which
is the commercial capital of the state. Kochi brings in the most number of national and international tourists and is on an accelerated state of development.
These are contributing factors for getting the attention of the non residents. The future is certainly bright for investing in Kerala!

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